Web Hosting Basics

Who uses web hosting services?

Anyone with a website is using a form of web hosting. Anyone who uses email services or blogging tools is using the service of a web hosting provider to connect, send and receive the information found in emails and on blog websites.

Do you read the new online?

If you have ever logged onto foxnews.com, weekendrush.com or cnn.com to check the news, vote on a political poll or to check the weather, you have experienced web hosting. Every website on the internet has a web hosting provider like DMI Web Hosting. And that web host provides the service in which each company or website uses to present their photos, videos, articles and other information to the general public with.

You are using web hosting at this very moment. The web page that you are viewing is hosted on a server and people around the world are able to see the same thing as you. It is so easy to share your thoughts with the world or to connect with friends and family through the use of the internet. You can send emails, tell stories, post photos online or share personal videos with them through the use of web hosting.

Others who use web hosting every day

Individuals and Families
Schools and Businesses
Photographers and Real Estate Agents
Men and Women of the Armed Forces
News Broadcasters and Independent Journalists
Musicians and other types of Artists
Students and Teachers
Government and Activists
Fan clubs, Television Networks and Manufacturers
NASA, MTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Wal-Mart and many more.

Can I use web hosting?

Web hosting is a universal tool that anyone on any level of experience can benefit from. So yes, you can use web hosting and we can help you.

Where do I start?

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