Setting Up Email Accounts

For instructions on creating and deleting email accounts click here, or you may visit and select the "Mail" tab on the left menu. Next click on the "Adding email accounts" link for detailed instructions. A tip is to clear the quota field, which defaults at 10 megs. Clearing this will allow users to email without a monthly limit per account.

You can set up your email using Outlook Express or any other mail client using these settings:

POP Server:
SMTP Server: or the SMTP server of your ISP.
(we recommend using the SMTP of your ISP for trouble free sending)

Note that your username will be your full email address (

Under the "Advanced" tab on your email account properties in Outlook Express, be sure to change the Server Port Number for the Outgoing mail (SMTP) from "25" to "26". Our mail ports are set to 26 because many ISPs block port 25 to protect their users from spammers. Click here to learn more about ISPs blocking SMTP.

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